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One of the most valuable aspects of membership in the Senior Executive Network is the ability to quickly tap into the knowledge base of our entire network with the Connections Program.

If you have an important issue that needs immediate information or a better perspective on (and cannot or do not want to wait until the next meeting), this program allows you to anonymously pose questions electronically to selected members who have answers to the key business issues you are facing.

Response Time

The typical response time of our membership is 24-72 hours (usually much less depending on the nature of your business issue). Our staff will provide you with updates as they receive responses.

Examples of Business Issues

Below are some business issues our members recently submitted and were solved using this program:

Monthly vs. Weekly Sales Meetings: Seeking thoughts & best practices on monthly vs. weekly meetings for the sales team.
Rotating Shifts: Want to know if manufacturing companies in the network make employees rotate betwen day & night shifts and if there was shift differential pay.
Family Council: Guidelines other family run businesses use for determining if family activities are considered company or outside activities.
Office 365: Considering migrating to Microsoft Office 365, but need to gain feedback from other organizations that were going to migrate or already have.
Bookkeeping Inquiry: How long companies are taking to "close the books" on a monthly basis.
Product Development Key Metrics: Metrics other companies are using to measure product development success other than revenue.
Pay for Performance/Skills: Starting a Pilot Program for Pay for Performance and/or Skills. Looking for looking for any suggestions, tips, potential pitfalls, best practices, etc.
Car Allowances/Reimbursable Plans: Examples of car allowances and reimbursable car related expense plans other companies are offering their sales reps.
B2B Online Marketing: Seeking a company that specializes in helping businesses market to businesses on the internet.
HCM Software Solution: Researching an integrated HCM software (Ultimate Software) and would like to know experiences others had with it.
PTO Overtime: Policies other companies have concerning paid time off as far as overtime is concerned.
Safety Incentive Program Alternatives: Alternatives to a conventional safety incentive program that focuses on the reward rather than operating safely.
Driving Innovation from Suppliers: Best practices or ideas for driving innovation from both new and existing suppliers.

Member Testimonials

"Talk about ROI - takes less than 3 minutes to type a question to a group of experts and within days I received a summarized listing of responses, including contact information. Wish everything were this easy!"
- Lindsay Stevens, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines

"Where else can you get so much networking done with one click? A splendid resource that I intend using (and participating in) more and more in the future. This is a tremendous benefit of being a member. I have received excellent information using this service - quality and quantity that would be difficult to replicate elsewhere!"
- Bruce Ennis, Bigelow Tea

"This is my first time using the Connections Program and I was very satisfied and surprised with how many people responded and how quickly they were provided to me. Overall I think the program is a wonderful benefit and if I had more specific questions in the future would very much consider using."
- Lisa Kladiva, Spartan Light Metal Products

"The Connections program is my "go to" option when I want reliable benchmark data and ideas from my peers."
- Mary Price, Dixon Valve & Coupling

"Connections did a great job filling in knowledge gaps our organization had for two different topics - timely and thoroughly."
- Mike Atols, MetalTek International

"I think this program that SEN provides is a great way to get practical input from real world resources. I appreciate a resource to bounce ideas and questions off of. The turn around time is excellent and the responses are always clear and to the point. I recommend it as a sounding board."
- Luke Kelly, Curry Supply Company

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