member benefits

Senior Executive Network (SEN) improves the performance of its members and their companies.

  • Sensitive to the demands on your time
    Just two meetings a year (each just 24-36 hours) in convenient locations.
  • Role-Specific
    Your peers know the background, have had similar experiences and can help you quickly uncover the solutions that positively impact your business.
  • Proprietary format
    Designed to maximize take-away value
  • Expert facilitators
    SEN is designed to extract maximum take-away value for you in minimal time. SEN facilitators are skilled at matching the experiences and wisdom of active SENs like you who understand you and your business.
  • Selective membership
    SEN members are selected from the “best of the best” and represent best-practice growth companies.
  • ‘No Sell’ environment
    SEN meetings are a strict “no sell zone.”  SEN facilitators are paid by SEN for their skills as facilitators and may not attempt to sell consulting or other services, ensuring no conflict of interest.
  • Custom Network Access
    Tap into the full network with your specific questions.  Looking to source in China?  Looking for a reference on a top-notch benefits consultant?  Whatever your issue, our SEN Concierge will put you in touch with other SEN members best able to provide you with answers fast.


Designed for busy Senior Executive schedules, the typical SEN meeting begins at 1 pm on a Thursday and ends the next day at 11 am.  They are usually scheduled in airport hotels at major hubs. 
Each SEN meeting is structured into five distinct sections to provide maximum value in the shortest possible time. 
  • The President’s Report—A 60-minute analysis of critical trends
  • Executive Briefings—Learn from other members  what successes they have had in your problem areas
  • Roundtable Sessions—Fast-paced discussion on critical issues executives in your role and industry face resulting in a number of usable best practices.
  • Ex Officio Board ©—The opportunity to discuss your key issue with peers in a confidential setting
  • Break-out session debrief—Pick up the best ideas from other breakout groups
SEN meetings move quickly and always have a powerful impact on each member’s business.  Moreover, these meetings are extremely time efficient and in most cases require fewer than two days out of the office semi-annually. 


CEN & SEN offer one to two non-industry topic specific conferences that are open to both members and "C-Level" non-members.
While conferences are not included in CEN & SEN membership fees, members are entitled to advanced registration and discounted prices. 

Connections Program

For a more detailed overview of this program, please click here. In addition to our top notch staff resources, members have the ability to electronically pose questions to other selected members in the network who have answers to the key issues they are facing. 

Professional Education Credits

For professional fields like finance and human resources that require continuing education, SEN membership meetings and/or conferences usually qualify for credit. Please check with your individual accreditation body.

Chief Executive Subscription

As part of your Senior Executive Network membership, you will receive a FREE (non-paid) subscription to Chief Executive magazine. This is a non-deductible benefit-of-membership subscription.

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