Next Level Leaders Program

From the U.S. military to Google, the most successful organizations recognize that both short term & lasting success depends upon the strategic development of the next generation of future generations of leaders. They also know that leaders are made, not born. It’s why most successful enterprise CEOs devote such significant time and resources to succession planning, leadership development, talent identification, coaching, and mentoring. Until now, mid-market companies have been at a disadvantage, lacking the scale and resources to develop their own leadership development programs.

Introducing, the Next Level Leaders Program from Chief Executive Group. This program is designed for your up & coming/best middle managers. It is also designed as well, for your senior executives whose “scope” you would like to expand in order for them to make a more significant impact on your business. The program is not for an average manager in need of remediation.

This customized program enables your high-potential employees to think through and develop their own personal leadership philosophies, work within a structured program that provides coaching, peer and mentor support to execute their custom plan, receive consistent feedback that monitors progress and helps them achieve their full potential.

Leadership Curriculum 

Among the important areas the participants will receive strong immersion in are:

  • What Got You Here Won’t Get You There: Moving Beyond Middle Management
  • Advanced Leadership Skills: Vision, Alignment and Execution
  • Creative Abrasion: Positively Managing Change
  • Managerial Decision Making-Managing the Tough Choices  
  • Difficult Conversations That Make a Difference
Tangible Return on Investment

Developing Next Level Leaders in your company provides many benefits:

  • Improve bottom-line financial performance
  • Enhanced ability to attract & retain talent
  • Drive strategic execution
  • Increase success navigating change
  • Healthier communication and culture
  • Boost your employee morale 

Next Level Leaders Program Overview


3-day intensive leadership training (we also offer online options) where Next Level Leaders immerse themselves in a leadership curriculum where they learn about themselves as leaders, and develop their own personal leadership philosophy. For more information about the Next Level Leader Seminar, click here.


Immediate implementation of lessons learned. Next Level Leaders pick an accountability partner and mentee at their company.


Quarterly 90-minute leadership development sessions with an executive coach, where gaps are identified and plans for growth are further developed.


2x/year peer networking meetings with other Next Level Leaders, continuing their leadership development with unvarnished feedback from others who are on the same journey.


Next Level Leaders track at the Chief Executive Leadership Conference, including an exclusive Next Level Leaders retreat.

What our members think about Chief Executive Network:

  • "Thank you for everything! This has truly been one of the most worthwhile experiences of my career/life. The presentation, the warmth, the support–each of you have made a lasting impact on me that I will not soon forget!"

    Javier Zesati
    Regional Manager- West Coast, Backyard Products

  • "Solid reinforcement/reiteration of key issues. Thought provoking."

    Karla Clem
    M-C Industries, Inc.

  • "Their approach is highly professional with great follow up. The number of members willing to help and invest time in this support is noteworthy and much appreciated. What a win-win combination for every member."

    Fabian Schmahl
    CEO, ThyssenKrupp Bilstein of America, Inc.

  • "Enjoyed it, met great people and learned some very good ideas. CEN members and staff are friendly and knowledgeable."

    Jay Bender
    Falcon Plastics, Inc.

  • "This (meeting) was a 10+. I learn so much from everyone’s experience. It helps me evaluate strengths and weaknesses in myself and the company."

    Cheryl Edwards
    Fleetwood-Fibre Company

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