why Sen


You meet with peers in your same industry
Advantage: Higher quality feedback and no need to continually brief other members on your industry dynamics, challenges, trends, business models, etc.


You meet with CEOs of similar-sized organizations
Advantage: Companies of similar size tend to frequently share similar problems, organizational experiences and expertise.


Each and every member can singly block competitors from their group
Advantage:  You have confidence that your private information does not fall into the wrong hands.


Your group meets twice a year in a compact (24-36 hour) format in convenient locations
Advantage:  Minimal time gaining maximum value.


Avoid costly mistakes

Learn from peers who have gone down the road before you
Advantage:  Save time and reduce costs by learning what works and what doesn't from other executives in the same industry.

Improve company performance

Members come out of meetings with actionable results that they can be immediately implemented
Advantage:  Leave each meeting with strategic wisdom and tangible ideas that can be brought back to your firm and improve company performance.

World-class facilitators

CEN facilitators are selected for their skills as facilitators for CEOs, and are brought in from around the country for meetings.
Advantage:  Instead of getting stuck with local “coaches” or unprepared peers, you are assured of gaining maximum value from every exchange. Our facilitators possess strong business expertise in areas such as manufacturing excellence, strategic planning, team building, and hiring assessment.


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