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Why Senior Executive Network?

We help top executives grow their business, improve performance (and profitability) and overcome obstacles by putting them in professionally facilitated groups with non-competing peers in the same industry to share ideas, best practices, benchmarks, challenges and advice. Each peer group meets online and in person several times per year—and members also have access to world class conferences, a network of over 500 members as well as personal coaches and subject matter experts.

This enables our busy members to tap the collective experiences and knowledge of the network to make better decisions, faster, and to avoid costly mistakes.

We have both national and local groups to meet your unique needs.

Proven ROI: Don’t Take Our Word for It

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“When another CEO was discussing his bank line of credit, I discovered that I was paying 75 basis points more than the lowest rates (3/4 of 1% per year). The other CEOs gave me the names of their bankers who lend to our sector and offered to make introductions. When I went back to my bank and said I was going to be leaving and why — my local bank cut my interest rate by a whole point to retain my business. This was worth over $300,000 per year — over $2 million during the life of the loan.”

Jim Pekar
Leman USA

How is the Senior Executive Network Different?


We group executives with peers who share the same role, so you can get advice and ideas from others who have faced the same issues you do. If you’re a CFO, you’ll have an advisory board comprised of other CFOs. And if you’re a VP of Sales, you’ll get advice and ideas from other VPs of Sales who have experience with your specific issues.


We group you with peers who are also in your industry but not direct competitors. This allows you to uncover specific solutions that are proven for businesses like yours.


We understand you’re busy – as are all our members - so we have designed a format that offers online meetings and only a handful of in-person meetings per year in convenient locations.


SEN meetings use a proprietary format that focuses on your key priorities and ensures you come back from each meeting with specific high value take-away ideas.


SEN facilitators and chairs are skilled at keeping discussions on track and extracting insights and value.


Members are selected from the “best of the best” and represent best-practice growth companies.


Meetings are a strict “no sell zone.” The members of your group and our facilitators are not allowed to sell their products or services in meetings; this helps ensure no conflicts of interest.


Tap into the full network with your specific questions. Looking to source in China? Looking for a reference on a top-notch benefits consultant? Whatever your issue, our Member Concierge will put you in touch with other executives in the network best able to provide you with answers fast.

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Senior Executive Network members share insights and experience with peers who have been down the same road facing similar challenges and opportunities.