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Vice Presidents of Sales and other senior sales executives are responsible for increasing sales in one of the most difficult environments in many years. Recruiting, managing, coaching and incentivizing a high-performing sales team, and ensuring the right marketing lead flows and processes, are all part of the responsibilities of sales management executives. Where can they turn for expert advice on effective sales management strategies and tactics?

Senior Executive Network places high-level sales executives into groups with their industry peers (who are not direct competitors) who have the same job responsibilities and comparable levels of complexity. Each peer group combines time tested processes with expert facilitators, to create an environment that allows our members to share their ideas, best practices, benchmarks and advice allowing for an increase in company profits and results.

Here are a few samples of topics our members have discussed at recent meetings:

  • What Will the Future Bring? - Economic Update for 2020 and Beyond
  • Refining the Sales Playbook including People Management & Technology Tools
  • Sales Forecasting Models
  • Best Practices for Enhancing Closing Skills
  • Building a High-Performance Sales Team: The Power of the Sales Playbook
  • Best Practices for Organic Sales Growth
  • Sales Management Development Programs and Sales Management Succession Best Practices
  • Sales Commission and Bonus Plans – Now and In the Future
  • Outsourcing Business Development Grunt Work

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What our members think about Senior Executive Network:

  • "Extremely insightful; a lot of good ideas that can be implemented with minimal effort.”

    Mark Foster

  • "Great to meet diverse groups of people, yet similar positions sharing the same objectives and goals.”

    Phillip Zee

  • "Outstanding exchange of problems and ideas.”

    Walt Bonnett

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