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Benefit from the insights of other senior IT executives who have been down a similar path already

Chief Information Officers and Senior IT Directors face a staggering and growing list of critical responsibilities.

Once seen as a “support” function, technology today is perhaps the most important strategic issue facing your business today. From hybrid and full work-at-home environments to cybersecurity to digital transformation to customer personalization, the array of complex issues is fast evolving. Too many technology leaders are stuck dealing with todays urgent – but ultimately tactical—needs.

The CIO Network helps our members find new balance between today’s tactical demands and the longer-term strategic priorities upon which your organization’s future ultimately rests.

The CIO Network prepares our members to succeed. By placing IT executives into groups with non-competitive peers who have similar responsibilities and deal with comparable levels of complexity, members benefit from confidential conversations that results in actionable solutions for you and your organization.

Benefit from the insights of other successful CIOs who have already faced—and solved—your most pressing problems.

Recent topics include:

  • Delivering strategic perspectives to the CEO and Board
  • Managing the increasing demands placed on today’s CIOs
  • Enabling work-from-home productivity and collaboration
  • Improving the customer experience through personalization across all points of contact
  • Changing cybersecurity priorities given widespread adoption of cloud and remote work environments
  • Leading digitization efforts across functions
  • Increasing diversity in tech
  • Avoiding the bleeding edge of new technologies

Upcoming CIO Peer Meetings

Heads of IT  Member Meetings:

    • November 17-18, 2022
      Orlando, FL
    • May 11-12, 2023
      Dallas, TX

  • Peer Advisory Board Meetings (online)

    • February 23 (1:00 - 5:00pm ET)
    • August 17  (1:00 - 5:00pm ET)

  • Conferences

For a list of additional webinars, conference calls and online conferences, click here.

What makes The CIO Network different:
  • Unlike other groups, each meeting is led by a professionally-trained and vetted facilitator who cannot pitch their own consulting services, ensuring no conflict of interest. The focus is on peer results, not the opinions of outside consultants.
  • As a national network, The CIO Network attracts the best and brightest peers from around the nation—not just your local neighbors.
  • The CIO Network features a high-efficiency format. With just twice-annual in-person meetings, the time commitment is significantly lower than local alternatives.
  • The CIO Network features a time-tested, highly efficient format that gives you the greatest results with the lowest time commitment. You’ll benefit from the exchange of expertise and experience, real-world benchmark data and best thinking on current and future trends.

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What our members think about Senior Executive Network:

  • "SEN has provided a risk free recurring place and reason to explore my companies business. SEN has given me new outlooks on current developments in the business world , exposed me to some of the challenges that lie ahead as our business grows, and provided a chance for new friendships and people who can be on council.”

    Ed Bean
    CFO, Spartan Light Metal Products, Inc.

  • “SEN is my primary resource to identify what it is that I need to learn, or become more knowledgeable on – being able to associate with the best elevates me to a higher level of competence.”

    Don Janezic
    Senior Vice President of Finance & Administration, Bigelow Tea

  • “Each meeting I have attended has given me more ideas in 1 ½ days than I would normally get in 6 months.  Great meetings and great people.”

    Scott Hlavaty
    Vice President of Manufacturing, M-C Industries, Inc.

  • “SEN definitely helped me clarify the different structures based on different organizations. I am keeping my responses as a reference for my organization and potential moves/re-structure.  Also, obtaining information to benchmark from the industry and a recognized source is a definite advantage.”

    Milagro Santos
    InkCycle, Inc.

  • “As always, top notch. Very interesting subject, excellent presentation.”

    John Fancher
    CFO, Robinson Home Products Inc.

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