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Benefit from the insights of other CSOs who have been down a similar path.

Chief Security Officers, Directors of Security, and other senior physical security executives confront complex challenges in today's ever-evolving threat landscape – particularly with the changing dynamics of public safety and the socio-political environment.

More than ever, these senior security leaders require a dedicated space to obtain specialized, confidential insights from experienced peers about their most urgent concerns.

Senior Executive Network offers exclusive circles for CSOs and Directors of Security. We strategically place senior security executives into groups with contemporaries in their sector (ensuring no direct competitors) who share identical roles and parallel scales of complexity. The outcome? Enhanced knowledge-sharing for you and your security team, leading to fortified safety standards for your organization.

Each peer group is expertly managed, fostering an environment where members can share best practices, compare security metrics, and deliberate on current and upcoming industry shifts.

Here are samples of topics our members will discuss at upcoming meetings:

  • Evolving Physical Threat Landscape
  • Balancing Security with Employee Experience
  • Consistency in Security Protocols Across Locations
  • Demonstrating ROI on Security Investments
  • Recruitment and Retention of Skilled Personnel
  • Crisis Management and Incident Response Preparedness
  • Integration of Cutting-edge Security Technologies

Upcoming Meetings
  • March 13, 2024 | Location TBD
  • May 14, 2024 | Location TBD
  • August 20, 2024 | Location TBD
  • October 24, 2024 | Location TBD
  • Alternative dates & locations are available upon request

Benefit from the insights of other CSOs who have been down a similar path.

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What our members think about Senior Executive Network:

  • “Membership has brought me many new ideas over the past 10 years which I have brought back with me to improve current operations as well as create positive changes for the future.  It has also meant making many new networking contacts, who have provided valuable advice on both a personal and business level.”

    Jim Pekar
    Vice President & CFO, Leman USA, Inc.

  • "SEN has provided a risk free recurring place and reason to explore my companies business. SEN has given me new outlooks on current developments in the business world , exposed me to some of the challenges that lie ahead as our business grows, and provided a chance for new friendships and people who can be on council.”

    Ed Bean
    CFO, Spartan Light Metal Products, Inc.

  • “SEN is my primary resource to identify what it is that I need to learn, or become more knowledgeable on – being able to associate with the best elevates me to a higher level of competence.”

    Don Janezic
    Senior Vice President of Finance & Administration, Bigelow Tea

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